June 2013

Part 16 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring art by Cristian Ortiz.
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Part 15 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring art by Gabrielle Rose.
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May 2013

The first digital issue of Spera: Vol. 3 is up on comiXology! This issue features art by Michael Dialynas and a cover illustration by Hannah Christenson.
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Josh Tierney, Afu Chan, Kyla Vanderklugt and Polly Guo will be together at TCAF this May 11th & 12th. They will have copies of Volumes 1 & 2 as well as the Glass Flowers Special and free postcards.
Head to table 258, which is located in the Owlkids section on the upper floor.
>>>> See the full map here.

Other Spera artists at TCAF include Gigi D.G. (Vol. 1 pin-up), Rebecca Mock (Vol. 3), Kris Mukai (Vol. 2), Roman Muradov (Vol. 2) and Saicoink & Dirchansky (One and Another).

Admission to TCAF is free. Please come out and meet the creators!
>>>> http://torontocomics.com/

Kyla Vanderklugt's Castle is now online! This short introduces Nole and Kyle, who will be playing a major role in Vol. 3
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April 2013

Spera: Vol. 1 has been nominated for an Eisner!
>>>> Will Eisner Comic Industry Award Nominees 2013

Part 14 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring art by Don Cocor and backgrounds by Hwei, Jen Lee, Nick Sumida and Don Cocor
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March 2013

Part 13 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring art by Miklós Felvidéki
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Part 12 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring art by Allison Strejlau
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February 2013

Spera: Volume II is now available in comic stores!
To celebrate we will be adding special music tracks to the Graphic Novels page, each by Giannis Milonogiannis.

Part 11 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring illustrations by Alison Sampson and colours by Mike Spicer
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Part 10 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Irene Koh
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January 2013

Part 9 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Steve LeCouilliard
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Part 8 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Alice Zheng
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Part 7 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of B. Sabo
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Part 6 of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Nick Sumida
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December 2012

The fifth part of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Timothy Weaver
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The fourth part of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Irina Levin
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The third part of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Rachel E Morris
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The second part of Glass Flowers is now online, featuring the art of Jen Lee
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Glass Flowers makes its debut!
Part 1 of Spera-Comic.com's ongoing webcomic is now online, featuring art from Volume I's Hwei.

Glass Flowers follows Pira, Lono, Yonder and Chobo as they head to the Island of the Festival Prince for a much-desired vacation -- only to fall into what might be one of their biggest adventures yet.

The new webcomic will be serialised weekly in 5-page parts, with each part illustrated by a different artist. It is written by Josh Tierney, features character designs by Afu Chan, Olivier Pichard and the comic artists, and is produced online with the help of Olivier.

GF will switch to a bi-weekly schedule upon the release of Volume II in February from Archaia.
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November 2012

One and Another, a Spera shoujo written by Josh Tierney and illustrated by Saicoink and Dirchansky, can now be read in Online Comics.
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September 2012

Training written by Josh Tierney & Miklós Felvidéki and drawn by Miklós Felvidéki is now online.
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August 2012

Spera: Volume II is now being serialised monthly on comiXology. The first two issues are currently available with four more to come!
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June 2012

>>>> Announcing Spera: Volume II

Dust, featuring art by Leela Wagner, is now online.
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May 2012

Spera: Volume I is now being released digitally on comiXology, with new chapters arriving on a bi-weekly basis.

Spera is coming to TCAF!

Josh Tierney will be sharing a table with Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei and Victoria Grace Elliott at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, where they'll be promoting Spera with copies of Volume I, Magical Girls and free Vol. I & Vol. II postcards.
Also exhibiting at TCAF will be Vol. I artists Emily Carroll, Jordyn Bochon and Luke Pearson.

Admission to TCAF is free. We hope to see you there!

April 2012

The Spera: Magical Girls contest winners have been announced!
>>>> Click here to view the winning artwork.

Geekquality has an interview up with Josh Tierney, which includes new info on Volume II and TCAF.
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Ahuizotl, Luke Pearson's short from Spera: Volume I, is now available to read online!
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Fanart Contest, March - April 2012

We're having a Spera: Magical Girls fanart contest!

Want to win a copy of Spera: Volume I, signed by Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei, Emily Carroll, Jordyn F. Bochon, Luke Pearson and Josh Tierney? How about a copy of the print edition of Magical Girls to go with it, signed by Victoria Grace Elliott, cover artist Hwei and Josh Tierney? One artist will be selected to receive both of these prizes, while two others will receive signed copies of Magical Girls.

All you have to do to enter is create some snazzy Magical Girls fanart, post it online and send the link to josh.will.tierney@gmail.com. The three winning pieces will also be featured on the website. The deadline for this contest is April 9th, though it's possible it'll change to a slightly later date.

March 2012

Sometimes Yonder dreams -- and often it is a recurring one involving armour, his younger self and a sense of purpose.
Yonder's Dream is brought to life through feverish colours and animated GIF elements by Joanna Krótka, who also came up with the original concept.
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Steamed Horror, featuring art by Giannis Milonogiannis and a cover by Ray Jones, is now online.
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Frilly costumes! Ornate attack shouts! Magical activation jewellery! All 24 pages of Magical Girls are now online, and it's probably the world Lono wishes the main story was. Follow high school students Pira and Lono as they uncover the nefarious schemes of the Starless, all while studying for tests and reading comic books.
Magical Girls was illustrated by Victoria Grace Elliott, who you can find at brightflash.tumblr.com
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February 2012

Two new Spera shorts are now online.
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January 2012

Spera: Volume I is now officially in stores! You can check your local bookstore or comic shop for a copy, or order one online from your favourite online retailer.

December 2011

Spera: Volume I is now available to purchase at Amazon.com!
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Spera: Volume I is a hardcover graphic novel from Archaia featuring art by Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei, Emily Carroll and Olivier Pichard, short comics by Jordyn F. Bochon, Cécile Brun, Luke Pearson, Leela Wagner and Matt Marblo, and pin-ups by Don Cocor, Paul Maybury, Jack Teagle, Sam Beck and Gigi Digi. Cover art and character designs are by Afu Chan.
>>>> For a full description of the book, look here.
>>>> Click here for the first-ever in-person Spera interview, done for Newsarama at NYCC.

A new Spera short is now online : The Starless is a dark, foreboding prequel to Spera: Volume I, offering the first real look at Pira's old life.
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Welcome to the new Spera site!

Here you'll find accessible links and info for all the different aspects of Spera, including the original collaboration, new online comics and the physical graphic novel series from Archaia. Just hover your cursor over the main page's text for quick descriptions of each section.

The new site was conceptualised by Josh Tierney and Kyla Vanderklugt, designed and painted by Olivier Pichard, and uses banners by Kyla and characters by Afu Chan. Lono appears on the site for now, but more characters will be arriving in the coming weeks.

Spera is created by Josh Tierney, features character designs by Afu Chan and is illustrated by artists from around the world. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email Josh at josh.will.tierney@gmail.com.

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